Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Like a Lizard basking in the sun...

Lying in bed, he was deep in thought. Windows opened and the smell of fresh air, grass and the occasional smell of flowers tickles his nose as they fall from their branches. Birds, their melodic tunes like a perfectly crafted piece of music from God made him sway side to side on bed, as if in a trance like dance. The sun, warm and symbolizes joy itself hits his face, highlighting the evident curl of his lips which form the smile. All this contributed to that beautiful afternoon nap that made him realize that life is beautiful, even in a forsaken place like Launceston.

And then, as if a fuse gone off, something deep within sparked and reality hits him hard.

DS. AT2. Last Tute.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


All i needed was some good music, and my passions are coming back,slowly but surely. Oh, life is so beautiful when it is filled with music. and good sports.

Mixcraft fun: first try

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interior submission

We need to make a feature with contemporary lace as our concept. Well, i just randomly came up with some crap. Then bullshitted. And ta da! bullshit is the result. :D

Everyones work

Tribal patterns. Prove that im from sarawak. keke

One of the bullshit is that the piece in the middle can be rotated and customized and arranged differently creating different effects on the objects displayed and forming shadows enriched by the complexity of the layers. SO BULLSHIT RIGHT? :D

Stand alone lamp which can be taken out.

Ps: Sorry Sam and jeanette for using the laser router till u cant use it :D. Well at least the work produce was not bad right??? :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


U noe everytime i see this poster...i see Race to WHICH mountain
hahaha, can u imagine the rock saying "eh...Race to WHICH mountain ar?"
sounds like a very confusing movie with confusing ppl, lost in the mountains, screaming hysterically, WHICH MOUNTAIN???

Thursday, January 15, 2009


fine. ill post. as promised. hee

2008 is gone. So much has happened. Some bad, some good. Yet the only important thing we all have to ask ourselves is, do u have any regrets?

Well, if the answer is no, then 2008 is great. If its yes, then its time to make a new resolution my friends..which is: Live LIFE to the fullest. For it onli comes once.

be happy. do things with passion! make full use of ur time. N enjoy every moment of it.
Be it the rain, the sun, the way the water falls of the roofs into puddles making delightful plip plop sounds.
Enjoy it all. for life is beautiful.

hmm, so wat hav i been doing b4 this post in kch? sad to say, nth much la. Hanging out with my family, mulu, waterfalls etc. Will put some pics or vids up soon la.

So, end this post with some resolutions ive thought of keeping:

1) Live life to the fullest....dowan to be hypocrite ma.
2) Keep close to the ppl important to me
3) Acquire skills tht ive been longing for...includes improving those i have
4) Doing things...wild extreme and exciting things
5) Change ppls lives
6) Be a better christian
7) Be kind to everyone and not judge

and thts about all i can think for now. And man...thts a hard list to keep. But ill try my best to do it.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy bday One hole

Bday boy. cock hair look. lol.
hey man...
happy bday to the loudest, talkative, dirtiest but good and loyal fren Goh Wan Hoe. ur a lucky ass cause ur in penang or u will hav the biggest rape of ur life. But then again, i somehow have this feeling tht u will enjoy it. n thinking of tht grosses me out. haha

anyway, happy bday dude. hav a fun one.

Ben loman. ah beng look.

Excited look. Or izit horny look...ohh shit.

dun emo. catch nemo. <--- ???. i remember someone said tht to me b4. sweat... so...yea. go catch nemo. HAHA.